Vision Zero South Side Neighborhood Action Plans

VZ Outreach at Juneteenth bike ride

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Beginning this summer, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is developing Vision Zero neighborhood action plans to improve traffic safety in Greater Englewood, Washington Park, and Grand Boulevard.

Vision Zero is the City of Chicago’s commitment to making our streets safer with the goal of eliminating deaths and serious injuries from traffic crashes. These communities are important focus areas in the City’s overall Vision Zero initiative, as these neighborhoods experience a greater number of severe crashes than many other parts of the city.

The Greater Englewood, Washington Park, and Grand Boulevard action plans will identify specific opportunities within each community to make it easier and safer to move around our neighborhoods, whether walking to the park, biking to school, or visiting friends. Our objective is to develop changes that can have immediate and long-lasting positive impacts on the daily lives of community members. We’re asking for your partnership in the following ways:

  • Get the word out about upcoming events
    • Help us organize events:
    • Recruiting participants
  • Collaborating on event logistics
  • Provide feedback on traffic safety in the area and plan direction

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