The City of Chicago’s bike network consists of over 303 miles of on-street bikeways, including protected bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, bike lanes, marked shared lanes, and neighborhood bike routes, and 55 miles of off-street trails. The bikeway network is growing every year with the goal of providing residents and visitors the opportunity to feel comfortable riding a bike throughout the City.  Expanding the on-street bike network will help establish Chicago as the most bicycle-friendly big city in America and promote the social, economic and health benefits that result from increased ridership.

Bikeways Projects

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Types of Bikeways

The following bike lanes are guided by the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020, a plan to build a continuous network of 645 miles of on-street bikeways throughout Chicago. The overall system consists of three smaller systems: Neighborhood Bike Routes that utilize residential streets, Crosstown Bike Routes that use collector and arterial roadways, and Spoke Routes that connect all corners of the City to Downtown.

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Barrier Protected Bike Lanes
Buffered Bike Lanes
Neighborhood Greenways
Other Bikeways

Download a PDF copy of the 2022 Chicago Bike Map here.

Past Bikeways Projects / Publications

2017 Projects: Year in Review
2015 Projects: Year in Review

Projects: Year in Review 2011-2014
Proposed Projects
CDOT Bikeways Engineering Design Plans

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