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Targeted Traffic Safety Events

Enforcements2015The Chicago Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiative Traffic Safety Events program includes joint safety events with the Chicago Police Department and the Bicycling Ambassadors, targeting behaviors dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Together with police officers, the Bicycling Ambassadors educate over 25,000 Chicagoans per year on how to safely share the road during traffic safety events. In addition to the citations issued by the police, warnings are also issued to motorist and cyclists at events.

Bike safety events are held at peak commuting hours at the most high-crash and high-profile intersections identified by crash data, ridership, and Aldermanic input, with additional request by CDOT, police, and community groups.  Motorists and bicyclists are informed of laws that protect the safety of people who walk and bike, and the importance of upholding those laws.  Information is distributed about distracted driving, failure to yield for pedestrians and cyclists at controlled intersections, riding on the sidewalk, and riding against traffic, among other behaviors.

The Bicycling Ambassadors also partner with police to distribute 2,000 bicycle headlights per year to cyclists riding unlawfully with no headlight.  Lights are provided by the Chicago Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiative.  In 2015, the Bicycling Ambassadors also distributed 2,000 reflective ankle straps and arm bands to pedestrians and cyclists at these events.

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