Below are the Municipal Codes of Chicago (MCC) and the Illinois Compiled Statutes applicable to bicyclist and pedestrian safety. For legal definitions or more information, please visit Chicago’s section on American Legal.

For more information on pedestrian and bicycle safety: Illinois Compiled Statues (ILCS) related to bicycle and pedestrian safety, ILCS Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties, and the Pedestrians and Disabilities Safety Act.


Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC)


Pedestrian safety laws
9-24-050 Pedestrians in roadway to have right-of-way
9-60-050 Pedestrians to yield right-of-way when
9-36-060 Drives may not overtake other vehicles at crosswalks
9-8-020(a) Turning vehicles must yield to pedestrians
9-24-030 Pedestrians have the right of way in marked and unmarked crosswalks
9-40-120 Cars may not obstruct intersections or crosswalks
9-8-050 Special pedestrian-control signals.
9-60-120 Pedestrians to exercise due care to avoid crashes.

Bicyclist safety laws

9-52-010 a-d – Bicyclists must obey all of the rules of the road; penalty: $50-$200.
9-4-025 a,b – Penalty for motorists who violate bicycle safety provisions: $150 to $500
9-16-020 e – Drivers must yield to bicycles turning left
9-16-020 f – Drivers must yield to bicycles when turning right
9-36-010 e – Drivers must pass bicycles with at least 3 feet of clearance when passing
9-40-060 – Drivers must not park, stand or drive a vehicle in any bike lane
9-40-160 – Drivers must exercise due care to avoid crashing with any bicyclist or pedestrian on the roadway
9-52-020 a-c – Bicycling prohibited on Lake Shore Drive and on sidewalks, exceptions.
9-52-021 – Penalty for bicycling on the sidewalk on portions of Sheridan Road: $200
9-52-030 – Bicyclists must operate at a safe speed
9-52-040 a,b – Bicyclists’ required position on the roadway, exceptions.
9-52-045 – Bicyclists must signal when turning, provisions.
9-52-050 – Bicyclists must ride single file, exceptions; bicyclists may ride two abreast when not impeding other traffic.
9-52-060 – Bicyclists may not carry items that prevent them from operating with at least one hand on their handlebars.
9-52-070 – Bicycles parked on sidewalks must not block pedestrian traffic.
9-52-071 – It is illegal to abandon a bicycle in Chicago. Bikes left for one week may be considered abandoned, and can be removed by City crews after having a removal notice affixed to them for one week.
9-52-080 – At night, bicyclists must use a front white headlight and rear red reflector or red light.
9-52-090 – Don’t ride a bicycle without a seat; don’t carry passengers on your bicycle without the proper equipment.
9-52-100 – Parents and legal guardians are responsible for kids’ behavior on bicycles.
9-52-110 – It is illegal to talk on the phone or text while bicycling, penalty: $20-$500.
9-80-035 – It is illegal to open a vehicle door into moving traffic, unless it is reasonably safe to do so and only long enough to load and unload passengers.
9-120-010 – Defines bicycle, bicyclist, bike share station
9-120-020, 030, 040 – Bicycles must be registered with the Chicago Police Department
9-120-050 – It is illegal to alter the serial number on any bicycle.
9-120-060 – Traffic rules apply to bicyclists
4-168-010 – Defines bicycle messenger service, bicycle operator, person and bicycle
4-168-020 Bicycle messengers must have a license to work within the the central business district, exceptions.


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