Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lane

New Protected Bike Lanes

Augusta – Western to Milwaukee

  • CDOT is proposing new protected bike lanes on Augusta Avenue from Western Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue. The project would also include pedestrian bumpouts and a 20 MPH speed limit. On June 8th, CDOT partnered with 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins and Christopher Columbus School to introduce the project to the community.
  • Augusta Community Meeting Posters.

Clark – Irving Park to Montrose

  • CDOT is proposing new protected bike lanes on Clark Street from Irving Park to Montrose. The project would also include shortened pedestrian crossings, bus improvements, and a 20 MPH speed limit.
  • On June 23, CDOT presented the project to the Graceland West Community Association.
  • On June 28, CDOT hosted a virtual meeting with 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman and 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin.

Concrete Curb Upgrades

Clark – Hollywood to Devon

CDOT is upgrading the existing protected bike lane on Clark Street in the Edgewater neighborhood to concrete curb. The project will also feature a variety of new pedestrian and transit improvements, including new pedestrian crossings and refuge islands, side street bumpouts throughout the corridor, a bus-only lane for southbound CTA buses, and nine new bus boarding islands.

Lake – Pulaski to Damen

CDOT will upgrade the existing protected bike lanes on Lake Street between Pulaski and Damen with new concrete curb. Between Kedzie and Damen, concrete curb will be incorporated with a street resurfacing project. West of Kedzie, pre-cast concrete curb will be installed.

Milwaukee – Addison to Irving Park

CDOT will upgrade the existing protected bike lanes on Milwaukee Avenue between Waveland and Irving Park with new pre-cast concrete curb and extend the protected bike lane south to Addison. Installation of the curb will be coordinated with ongoing construction of the Metra viaduct.

Polk – Damen to Ashland

CDOT will upgrade the existing protected bike lanes on Polk between Damen and Ashland with new concrete curb.

Pre-cast Concrete Curb Upgrades

CDOT will upgrade all existing protected bike lanes to concrete curb by the end of 2023. CDOT will utilize a combination of traditional concrete curbs as well as pre-cast curbs to allow for a quicker and more efficient implementation. The pre-cast curbs will be constructed in various sizes to allow for concrete curb separation on narrower protected bike lanes.

Corridors scheduled for new pre-cast concrete curbs include:

  • Kinzie – Milwaukee to Wells
  • Lake – Pulaski to Kedzie
  • Logan – Rockwell to Diversey
  • Independence – Douglas to Harrison
  • Douglas – Independence to Sacramento
  • 119th – Ashland to Halsted/Major Taylor Trail
  • Broadway – Montrose to Wilson

Additional corridors coming soon.