Neighborhood Bike Networks: Austin, Belmont Cragin, North Lawndale

Neighborhood bike network

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Project Introduction
CDOT will build a Neighborhood Bike Network in three neighborhoods where Divvy is expanding and where there is a growing interest and enthusiasm for biking – Austin, Belmont Cragin, and North Lawndale. A Neighborhood Bike Network is a series of connected bike routes which help neighbors easily get to all the places they want and need to go by bike. A well-connected network not only provides connections within a neighborhood, but also connects surrounding communities to one another. A connected network of bikeways can improve the accessibility, safety, public health, and overall quality of life for communities across the City.

In 2021, CDOT is partnering with community stakeholders to identify and install a Quick-Build Network of projects that connect people to important places in the neighborhood. In the following years we will continue to build community relationships, expand conversations around biking, and identify longer-term projects to grow the network

Project Background
Bicycling in Chicago continues to grow year after year.
Bicycling is the fastest growing way Chicagoans are getting to work. Each year, millions of trips are made on the Divvy Bike Share system. Now Divvy is expanding citywide, which will provide affordable and reliable access to bicycles for neighborhoods throughout Chicago, including Austin, Belmont Cragin, and North Lawndale.

The more that Chicagoans bike, the healthier, cleaner, and safer our communities will become.
Bicycling is more than just a way to get around—it’s a critical piece to building great communities. A safe and well-organized network of bike routes improves access to local businesses, schools, jobs, cultural institutions, neighborhood destinations, and surrounding communities. Giving more people comfortable and convenient options to get around by bike is a key strategy to support economic development and strengthen local businesses.

Building a citywide bike network.
While some neighborhoods have convenient access to bicycle infrastructure, other communities are not well served by the bike network. This effort is focused on building connected networks in Austin, Belmont Cragin, and North Lawndale. To experience the vast benefits of biking, people must have access to a continuous network of bike routes that connects them to commercial corridors, parks, schools, public transit, and other important destinations.

Neighborhood Taskforce
This effort is for the community, to meet the needs of the community, and therefore should come from the community.

The Neighborhood Bike Network will be developed through collaboration with the community, including a Taskforce of community leaders from each neighborhood to help guide this process. The Taskforce will:

  • Facilitate discussion on the role that transportation plays in the community
  • Identify the important destinations, connections, and barriers
  • Identify opportunities for implementing a Quick-Build Network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in 2021
  • Spread the word about this initiative and discuss the benefits of biking with your neighbors

Project Timeline (DRAFT)