Edgewater Neighborhood Bike Network

Project Description

CDOT is launching a pilot project to develop a neighborhood network of bikeways in the Edgewater community, ensuring that residents and visitors of all ages and ability can comfortably bike to community destinations, including parks, schools, transit stations, and commercial corridors. The study area, which includes parts of Uptown and Andersonville, extends between Clark (west), Argyle (south), and Devon (north). The development of this network will provide the study area’s 75,000+ residents and visitors from throughout the City with a comprehensive network of streets designed for people biking. As the planning process moves forward, recommended projects may extend beyond this study area to increase the usefulness of the network.

The goals of this project include (1) developing a well-connected bike network that is comfortable for everyone (8 to 80 years old), (2) establishing bike connections to important community destinations, (3) improving biking conditions on both commercial and residential streets, and (4) increasing the number of bike trips within the community.

The Community Kick-Off Meeting was held on June 24, 2017 at the Broadway Armory. Members of the community provided feedback on streets that are great for biking, challenges and opportunities for expanding infrastructure, and key destinations within the community.

Presentation and meeting materials are below.


Project Status
Community outreach

Public Outreach Documents
Community Meeting – June 24, 2017