City of Chicago 2012 Bicycle Crash Analysis – Summary Report

2012 Bike Crash Summary Banner

The City of Chicago has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the best large cities for bicycling in the United States. Through a combination of visionary leadership, thoughtful planning, inter-agency cooperation and dedicated resources, Chicago has created an impressive network of bicycle facilities that reach every corner of the City. Residents currently enjoy a network of over 170 miles of on-street bike facilities, quality off-street paths (including the 18.5-mile Lakefront Trail), over 13,000 bike racks and sheltered high-capacity bike parking at many Chicago Transit Authority rail stations.

Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors and other outreach and training programs are among the most robust bicycle education and encouragement initiatives in the country. These investments are beginning to pay off as Chicago is in the midst of a ‘bicycling renaissance’. Between 2000 and 2010, Chicago has witnessed a 150 percent increase in the number of Chicagoans bicycling to work as well as implementation of new and innovate bicycling facilities, like protected bike lanes and bike parking “corrals.”

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