A fundamental element of Chicago’s Complete Streets policy is that we must ensure that our streets are safe and designed for all users. The elements of street design such as geometry, visibility, maintenance, signs, landscaping and technology can make the difference between what is safe and unsafe at intersections, at driveways, and in travel lanes.

The below design standards, action plans and reports will make these improvements better, faster and less expensive. It is particularly important to make sure the most vulnerable Chicagoans are safe.

Design Guidelines

Complete Streets Guidelines
Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Guidelines
Streetscapes Design Guidelines

Complete Streets Design & Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Guidelines Training

Make Way for Play Guide


Bike Lane Design Guide

Tools for Safer Streets Guide


Chicago Forward: Department of Transportation’s Action Agenda / Chicago Forward Action Agenda 2013 Update
Chicago Pedestrian Plan
Streets for Cycling Plan 2020
Bike 2015 Plan

2015 Sustainable Chicago
CDOT Bikeways Engineering Design Plans

Program Projects

Streetscapes & Sustainable Design Projects

Bikeways Projects

Pedestrian Projects


City of Chicago 2012 Bicycle Crash Analysis: Summary Report

City of Chicago 2012 Bicycle Crash Analysis: Full Report
City of Chicago 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis: Summary Report
City of Chicago 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis: Technical Report

Bikeways: 2013 Year in Review

Bikeways: 2012 Year in Review

Bikeways: 2011 Year in Review

Safety Education Program Resources

Bike Theft Prevention Tips

Chicago Bike Map

Chicago Bike Safety Video Series

Pedestrian- and Bicycle-related Laws

Safe Cycling

SAFE Ambassadors (Streets Are For Everybody)

Safe Routes to Schools Toolbox; Safe Routes K-12 Lesson Plans

Tips for Motorists

Streetscape Master Plans

Bloomingdale Framework Plan

Elston Ave Streetscape & Property Design Guidelines

Lake Park Ave, 47th to 60th Proposed Construction Phasing

Lawrence, Chicago River to Ravenswood Streetscape Plan

Michigan Ave. Streetscape Master Plan

Peterson Ave, Jersey to California Improvement Study

Stony Island Ave Streetscape Master Plan (3 sections):

Section 1: Stony Island Avenue Master Plan Introduction and Existing Conditions

Section 2: Stony Island Avenue Master Plan Design Guidelines

Section 3: Stony Island Avenue Master Plan Implementation

Western Ave and Blvd Streetscape Master Plan

Western Ave, 91st to 119th and Walden Parkway Streetscape Master Plan

71st Street, Woodlawn to South Shore Draft Master Plan

95th Street Corridor Streetscape Manual and the 95th Street/ Western Avenue Business District Improvement Plan

111th St, Pulaski to Sacramento Streetscape Feasibility Study