People Spots are temporary platforms in the parking lane of streets with narrow sidewalks or high pedestrian volumes. By expanding the sidewalks, they provide additional public outdoor space for pedestrian use during the warmer months. People Spots have been found to increase pedestrian foot traffic and help promote economic development. For additional information on the economic development impacts of People Spots, please visit the Metropolitan Planning Council website.

Project Examples

Design Guidelines

The People Spot Design Guidelines provide guidance to sponsoring organizations and their contractors on requirements established by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) for the construction of People Spots throughout the City. The Design Guidelines delineate application submittal requirements for design drawings, including platform, landscaping, accessibility, maintenance, and operations requirements. All People Spot design proposals are reviewed by CDOT for final approval. The Design Guidelines for People Spots are available here.

Application Schedule

People Spot applications should be submitted by the end of February to accommodate installation in May of the same application year. While applications will be accepted after February, installations might be delayed. A general timeline for the People Spot application process can be found here.