Western Avenue/Western Boulevard Streetscape Master Plan

Retained by the City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), HNTB was tasked with developing a Streetscape Master Plan for the Western Avenue and Western Boulevard Corridor between the Western Orange Line Station and the 32nd Street/I-55 Stevenson. The study area is part of the City of Chicago’s Historic Boulevard System. HNTB worked closely with CDOT project managers, Department of Planning and Development, and other agencies and stakeholders to develop the guidelines provided in the plan. The primary objective of this Master Plan, published in May 2011, is to provide the City of Chicago with a guide for future streetscape and right-of-way improvements along the study area corridor.

The project focus was to make streetscape recommendations for the study area, while maintaining the current traffic configurations. Arising within the context of the historic boulevard system, Western offers a backdrop suitable for the City’s sustainability initiatives, while providing two distinct zones long the corridor, one industrial, and the other commercial. The result is the plan, aptly titled: One Boulevard, Two Streets: The Western Avenue/Western Boulevard Streetscape Master Plan.

Download the Western Avenue/Western Boulevard Streetscape Master Plan