Michigan Avenue Streetscape

Michigan Avenue Banner

The Michigan Avenue Corridor is an active commercial street, located on Chicago’s southeast side between 110th Street to the north and 116th Street to the south.  Located in the communities of Roseland and West Pullman, the corridor has served as a commercial center since the mid-19th century, serving customers from the surrounding communities including the Pullman Company town to the east. The corridor, originally lined with traditional Chicago commercial buildings, has suffered during the last few decades, and many buildings have been torn down or fallen into disrepair. While man of the northern blocks along the corridor have retained continuous storefronts, the southern end of the corridor contains numerous vacant lots.

Further, the CTA is considering and extension of its Red Line route along the Union Pacific rail line which crosses the corridor. This action ahs the potential of injecting new energy to the corridor and the neighborhood with a proposed transit stop at Michigan Avenue.

This streetscape master plan provides guidance for future streetscape improvements and plans for complete streets. This intent is more consequential as new development comes into the corridor, and a potential new CTA train station could increase the pedestrian character of the area.

Download the Michigan Avenue Streetscape Plan