Lawrence Streetscapes

The scope of work for this preliminary study, published in April 2008, includes the Lawrence Street corridor from the Chicago River (west) to Ravenswood Avenue (east). There are two distinctive regions: one from the Chicago River to Western Avenue and another from Western to Ravenswood Avenue.

Within these two regions there are several important north-south circulation corridors such as Damen Avenue, which includes a CTA bus route, and Rockwell Avenue, which provides pedestrian access to the Rockwell CTA Brown Line station. This area is unquestionably transit oriented and therefore less dependent on auto oriented development and in turn very suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic.

The first region, from the Chicago River to Western Avenue, will be referred to as Zone 1. Western Avenue to Ravenswood Avenue will be further divided into three additional zones: Zone 2 will be from Western Avenue to Leavitt Street; Zone 3, from Leavitt Street to Damen Avenue; Zone 4 will begin at Damen Avenue and end at Ravenswood. The objectives of this site investigation and preliminary feasibility study were to:

  1.  Document existing conditions through photographs
  2. Document existing landscape through photographs
  3. Perform a zoning analysis on the site
  4. Provide conceptual sketches that reflect possible urban design improvements
  5. Provide right-of-way dross-sections that reflect possible urban design improvements

The team assessed these issues through research and analysis of existing site conditions and regulatory requirements. It is important to note that further analysis incorporating substantial urban design recommendations will be provided once a survey for the area has been completed.

Download the Lawrence Streetscapes Plan