830Educational Programs
Since 2001, the Chicago Department of Transportation has promoted safe cycling and walking through the City of Chicago’s
Safe Routes Ambassadors and Bicycling Ambassadors. The goals of the Ambassadors are safety, encouragement, and education for cyclists and pedestrians, reducing crashes and making Chicago a safer place for active transportation.
8 fULL tIMEThe Ambassador programs are funded through CDOT and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), with the funding year running from September through August. Each season Ambassadors visit schools, parks, libraries, businesses, block parties, ward events, bike rides, farmers markets, festivals, Lakefront Trail, Riverwalk, and the 606 trail outreach, and more. The Ambassadors also act as a street team for Divvy, Chicago’s Bike Share Program, during high-usage events and at new station locations. Finally, the Ambassadors work with the Chicago Police Department to enforce transportation laws that encourage a safer environment for people who walk, bike, and drive in the city.

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CDOT Agency Partnerships

  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): CDOT co-produced a Share the Road – Buses and Bicycles video, which is required viewing by all new and veteran CTA bus drivers.
  • Public Chauffeur: CDOT co-created a Sharing the Road with Cyclists taxi curriculum required by all passing students.
  • Department of Revenue: CDOT staff annually train parking enforcement aides on traffic laws that protect cyclists.
  • Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection: Facilitated the installment of dooring stickers applied to every Chicago taxi cab to alert drivers and passengers to LOOK! for people walking and biking before opening doors.
  • Chicago Police Department: CDOT co-produced Traffic Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety, a training video viewed by all cadets and sworn officers.

Publications and Media

Chicago Bike Safety Video Series featuring: how to properly fit a helmet; how to securely lock your bike; how to safely navigate Chicago streets; how to avoid the door zone; how to load your bike on CTA buses and more.

Bike Theft Prevention Tips

Literature: Safe Cycling, Tips for Motorists

Safe Routes to Schools Toolbox